About Us

Srajan Sarathi : An Introdution


Srajan Sarathi is an organisation involved in video and film productions as well as social services. To achieve our goals we have two registered bodies:


Srajan Sarathi Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. : Production House

Srajan Sarathi Entertainment ® is Gwalior based video & film Production Company into the business of exploring talent in the field of Performing Art. with office based at Gwalior, Bhopal, and Indore. we offer a comprehensive range of cost effective production services to Production houses, independent documentary filmmakers, ad agency, television series producer looking for line production coordination in Gwalior, Bhopal & Indore! At Srajan Sarathi ® we produce Drama, Events, Short Films, Documentaries, Advertising Commercial, Music Video, Corporate Video, and Digital Profile with the aim to provide better entertainment & information to the world. Srajan Sarathi is a team of dedicated professional in wide spectrum of services. It is because of team work Srajan Sarathi have made an impact in the show business area and accolade by the big name of the Industry.

We can be you local coordinator for TV Commercial to Film production and Event Management to Casting local Crew. Srajan Sarathi ® deeply understand that every project has a unique therefore we take great precaution in accessing in the specific creative & production need, we keep in mind the budget and the deadlines. Our strategic planning and in-depth knowledge of local resources will execute any project in most effective & organized manner.


सृजन सारथी सांस्कृतिक शैक्षणिक एव लोक कल्याण समिति, ग्वालियर: एनजीओ

सन 2001 मैं स्थापित किये गये सृजन-सारथी संस्था का प्रयास सांस्कृतिक एबं सामाजिक क्रियाओं में भागीदार बन कर समाज में एक सार्थक बदलाब लाने का है | इसका गठन ऐसे समय में हुआ जब अधिकांश सामाजिक संस्थाये मात्र कागजों में सिमट कर रह गईं थी वहीँ रंगमंच जेसी सशक्त विद्या भी अपने प्राचीन और दीमक लगे हुये रुदीबादी बिचारों के साहरे अपने अस्तित्व को बचाने के लिए संघर्ष कर रही थी.


Our Mission and Strategies

Using Audio-Visual channels, a very strong media available today, in our strategies and workings, our organization is educating, revolutionizing, explaining and presenting to the society: our sprouted and innovative thinking against topics like corruption, girl fetal killing, etc. by processing such topics in form of theatre, events and workshops. Our Organization is organizing time to time activities, events and shows, solidifying our voice to develop a sensual and good society.



Our Team

M.G. Sachin
Founder & Director


Board of Directors

1. Mr. Sachin Mujumdar (Founder/Director)
2. Smt. Suchitra Khanwalkar (Co-Founder/ President)
3. Mr. Rhishikesh Vaidya (Creative Director)

Production Department

1. Shrikant Tiwari (Post Production)
2. Dev Suryavanshi (Production Manager)
3. Ajay Singh (Post Production)

Advisory Board

1. Prashant Khanwalkar (Regional Manager/MNC)
2. Bal Mukund Namdev (Ret. CGM/ MPT)
3. Vijay Kumar Das (Founder/Chief Editor, Rashtriya Hindi Mail)
4. Kulbir Singh (Businessman)
5. Arun Kate (TV Artist)